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Charlotte & Lucas – FamilySource Center

Two young children, Charlotte and Lucas, 7 and 8 years old, were referred to Toberman by their school because they were living out of the car. Their mother was battling cancer, going to chemotherapy once a week, all working a full-time job and a single parent. She struggled to find permanent housing and had been living out of the car for months, moving from place to place. Teachers noticed Charlotte and Lucas were falling behind in school. After being connected with Toberman the children received support and mentorship through the after-school program. Charlotte thrived during the painting classes. Lucas was signed up for the gang prevention program so he would stay out of trouble despite the violence he saw in his community. They no longer had to worry about food with the Toberman food pantry. A case manager helped their mom get a job interview and since she did not have a lot of belongings, our thrift store was able to find a professional outfit. Thankfully, she got the job and at the same time, Toberman found the family permanent housing. Charlotte and Lucas were so excited about their new apartment and insisted the case manager come by the day the moved in. She did, and brought multiple toys, clothing, and other items from their list along with gas gift cards and food gift cards for the Mom. The mother told their case worker, “you have given my children back their childhood and we will never forget how you have changed our lives.”

Jose- Gang Intervention Program

Two years ago, Jose was shot leaving him partially paralyzed and unable to walk. Already a part of the Gang Intervention program, we continued to support Jose and his family. With the help of his Crisis Intervention Worker, Jose focused on school. He graduated high school with a 4.0 and applied to a variety of colleges, including UCLA and CSU Fullerton. UCLA offered Jose a scholarship that would cover ½ of his tuition, but he chose CSU Fullerton so he would not have much debt after graduation. Currently a student at CSU Fullerton, Jose is studying Business Administration with a focus in Accounting as he wants to one day assist professional basketball players with their finances. He has recently started to have feelings in his legs and is currently walking with braces! With much perseverance, Jose will succeed in life!

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