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Long Beach Activating Safe Communities
For more information on our Activating Safe Communities Program, please call: (310) 832-1145 or email

Our interventionist identifies and works with youth at risk between the ages of 13 - 24  years old in the Washington neighborhood. Our team strives to provide the best support services to the youth and their families with an emphasis on avoiding gangs and all related criminal activities. Families are offered a variety of free services to inspire change for a better future. Such services include but are not limited to: case management, mentoring, individual and family counseling, youth group meetings, educational, cultural and recreational settings, sports and other activities.

Activating Safe Communities Programs and Services includes: 

  • Providing case-management services to at least 30 youth who have interacted with a law enforcement agency, such as being cited, on probation, diverted out of a program, or interactions with police;

  • Giving life coaching and mentoring to marginalized youth;

  • Hosting quarterly events that engage residents to strengthen community connectedness, safety, and well-being;

  • Supporting the Be Safe Program and the Seaside and 14th Street parks by engaging youth and families

ASC is funded by the City of Long Beach.

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