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Toberman Neighborhood CenterĀ is a non-profit community-based organization committed to assisting Harbor Area families and individuals by delivering life-changing services that encourage, inform, educate and empower them to live healthy and purposeful lives.

We focus on family services, because in our neighborhood, 94% of youth in households with extremely low family incomes, 23% have immediate family members who are gang affiliated and 31% are performing poorly in school.

Our Goal: Improving the quality of life for families in our community.


Founded in 1903, Toberman Neighborhood Center has been successfully providing critical social and educational services to children, youth and families. Initially known as the Toberman Settlement House, in 1937 we relocated from Los Angeles to our current location in San Pedro. We were incorporated in 1967. Now, housed on a new campus completed in 2007, Toberman served more than 7,500 low-income individuals last year.


History of Toberman

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