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For over 112 years, Toberman Neighborhood Center has responded to the needs of the neighborhood through growth and change. But one thing has remained constant: our commitment to providing support for those in need.  It is because of your generous gifts that Toberman continues to be a safe-haven for children and families in the community.

How to get involved with Toberman

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Sponsor an Event

Every year we hold a couple major events which draw the attention of the entire community to our cause.
Fundraising for Toberman

Business led Fundraisers: Raise Money and Enhance Your Brand

We have developed efficient and exciting ways to raise money to directly impact the Harbor Area.

Partner with one of the longest running social service organizations in Los Angeles to help raise funds and reach out to your customer base with our mission of goodwill. We also inform our donors and friends of your support, driving our constituent base and increasing interest in your business.  Tying your Brand to our worthy cause will increase visibility and enhance your image within the community.

With these opportunities, Toberman supports your efforts by marketing and promoting on our social platforms, webpage, newsletter, and more.

Some options include:

  1. Percentage/Dollar amount from sales of an item(s)
  2. Donations from customers/individuals with branded collection boxes.
  3. Round up customer bills to the nearest dollar with the difference donated to Toberman
  4. Event(s) to benefit Toberman while raising awareness of your brand such as: cocktail parties, bake sales, sporting tournaments, etc.
  5. Percentage of sales of a selected day(s)

There are many other fun and creative ways to support your community and we would love to talk to you about them.  Our goal is to create positive ways to interact with the community by bringing a positive brand and P.R. to your events and promotions.

For additional information or questions please contact:

Russell Clay – Special Events & Digital Media Coordinator
Phone: (310) 832-1145 ext 124

Dedicated Giving

Giving by mail is easy!

Mail a check or credit card information to:

Toberman Neighborhood Center
131 N Grand Ave, San Pedro, CA 90731

Please make check payable to: TOBERMAN NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER

  • Make a gift to be used where it is needed most
  • Make a gift to support a specific Toberman Program. Be sure to indicate which program you wish to support.

– or –

Print and mail the Dedicated Gift Form:

  • Make a gift “In Memory Of” of a loved one and/or a special person
  • Make a gift “In Honor Of” of a loved one and/or special person to commemorate an occasion.


Vehicle Donations

1. Call Cars 4 Causes at 888-444-2392 or go to their website (just click on their logo) or go to you want to donate your car to Toberman?
It’s super easy!

2. They will send a tow truck within 48 hours to your home to pick up your vehicle.

3. You are done! Cars 4 Causes will handle all the DMV paperwork and send us a check once they sell your car and then you will get as receipt for your IRS tax return.

Be sure to tell the Customer Service Representative the charity you want to support with your vehicle donation is Toberman Neighborhood Center.

For information on supporting Toberman please contact:

Russell Clay – Special Events & Digital Media Coordinator
Phone: (310) 832-1145 ext 124

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