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Children, Youth & Family Services


Our afterschool program for students in grades K-5 provides a positive, safe environment to learn and grow.  With an emphasis on support with homework, developing the building blocks for success (Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets®), and student-selected enrichment activities and recreation, children learn and play together. The Search Institute has done years of research on child development and identified what they call the 40 Developmental Assets that kids get from their family, schools, and community. The research indicates that the more of these assets a child has growing up, the more likely he or she is to thrive and have a successful life. The studies also show that children who are exposed to these assets are less likely to be violent, buckle to peer pressure, or engage in risky behavior like tobacco and alcohol use.

Children have access to the computer lab and our on-site library to support their learning.  A free warm evening meal is provided.  For registration information contact  or call at 310 832-1145 x 117.

Innovative learning experiences begin here

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An academically focused program for 6th– 8th grade students.  Youth learn conflict resolution strategies, communication skills, personal ethics and responsibility.  These discussion topics and other leadership lessons and activities help our youth acquire missing building blocks for success (Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets®) as they learn and help others through community service learning projects.  Every day, computers in the Teen Center and in the computer  lab are available for student use and the on-site library is also available for daily use.   A free warm evening meal is provided.  For registration information contact or call at 310 832-1145 x 117.


Where lasting friendships develop and leaders for our community begin their journey

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In weekly meetings with a caring adult, youth receive one-to-one support to promote academic success in school, encourage involvement in shared hobbies and interests, and guidance for possible career paths.  For more information about our mentoring program, contact or call at 310 832-1145 x 117.


Give hope to a youth,
be a mentor

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Mentoring a child



Currently three parenting programs are offered:
Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) and Raising Thriving Kids® (RTK)

Triple P

Classes suggest simple routines and small changes that can make a big difference for families.  Program content helps parents understand the way their family works and ways to create a stable, harmonious family structure that works for them.  Strategies to deal positively, consistently and decisively with problem behaviors are taught.


Raising Thriving Kids®

Classes are offered throughout the year.  This program is a 5 session 10 hour program designed to acquaint parents with the Search-Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets® (the building blocks for success that are the foundational skills taught in our Toberman Academy and Leaders In Training programs to children and youth).  Parents completing all 10 hours receive a certificate of completion.  All parents in the community are welcome to enroll in this program.[divider_flat]



This program is offered to grandparents and/or other relative caregivers who are parenting again. In a casual, small group setting several topics are explored including: Grandparenting and the law, school enrollment including special education and early intervention, guardianship and adoption and financial challenges. This weekly class is offered on-site at Toberman Neighborhood Center by a trained facilitator. For registration and more information please contact or call at 310 832-1145 x 117 or Shawn Anderson, program facilitator at (818) 246-0880 x 202.

To sign up for classes contact or call at 310 832-1145 x 117.


Get the support you need—building stronger families has just gotten easier.

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Monthly family activities are offered at Toberman Neighborhood Center and at The Cheryl Green Center.  These activities are designed to support families spending time together in a warm, safe and fun environment.  For a schedule of upcoming activities please see our calendar of events or contact or call (310) 832 1145 x101


Building positive relationships withing and between
families strengthens our community

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Building positive relationships



This is one of five innovative national multi-generational learning programs sponsored by The National Center for Families Learning (NCFL).  This program is aimed at bringing families together for learning opportunities.  The four program components are: Parent time, Parent and Children Together (PACT), Family Service Learning and Family Mentoring.  Families with preschool age children can participate during the day with the children enrolled in our early learning program and the family members enrolled in parent-designed learning opportunities and classes including ESL classes, computer and financial literacy classes and classes designed to support parents becoming familiar with public school systems for themselves (e.g. community college courses) and their children (local elementary schools). Families with school age children are also welcome to participate in our evening and weekend programming including family technology classes and family homework support classes and community service learning experiences.

This new program is offered at Toberman Neighborhood Center in San Pedro and also at the Cheryl Green Community Center in Harbor Gateway.  For more information and to register for this exciting new program please contact or call 301 832 1145 x 101.

Families learning together strengthens out community

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