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Building Self-Reliant and Self-Sufficient Families
Self-sufficiency, the ability to take care of one’s self without the support of other agencies and public assistance services, is the focus of the newest programming at Toberman Neighborhood Center (TNC). The lack of self-sufficiency has resulted in generations of individuals and families living in poverty in our community. With 94% of our families’ incomes less than $34,000 a year, and 67% of those families with an income of $17,000 or less a year, many of our clients struggle to have a roof over their heads, food on their tables and basic needs met.

Some of this lack of self-sufficiency is due to the low educational attainment of our adult clients or the life circumstances that they face due to lack of access to programs and services, limited understanding of English language, immigration status and lack of knowledge regarding how to obtain citizenship, and mental and physical health issues. For all of these reasons and more, TNC spent the past 18 months designing and beginning to operate a new model and a set of bundled services to build self-sufficiency in families.

This new 3-tiered model of self-sufficiency (pictures below) is designed to help clients enter the model at an appropriate level based on an assessment conducted by our Intensive Case Managers (ICM). For each client (and their family), an individualized work plan is developed. Working with the ICM, each family builds skills and confidence to manage their own life without needing assistance from government programs or social services agencies such as Toberman.

By the year 2028, TNC’s goal is to help 60% of the intensively case managed clients achieve self-sufficiency. Obtaining self-sufficiency will impact and change our community by decreasing poverty, decreasing crime and increasing a sense of well-being and self-worth and having more community members able to address their own needs.

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